Hester Mofet (babyinthecorner) wrote in fullersociety,
Hester Mofet

Catch up!

Yo, yo, yo!

It's been too long since anyone has posted here!

Let's chat: Do you miss camp? Who's coming back next summer? Who is applying to be a counselor? How are your school years going?
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i totally miss camp. so so so so so much.
no, i don't think i will ever come back other than to visit. although i would like to be CIT director some day.
school is good. spending next semester in England.
Psh. I'm going LD2. I hate school, but I love doing all the tech stuff I do. Jess, get your butt back on AIM, I miss chatting with you.
I have been on AIM lately, but you're away message is always on!
Hell week for me right now.